wildlife in the marches

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The Welsh Marches’ gentle countryside makes a delightful, miniature mosaic of ever-varying views. Lanes, tracks and paths criss-cross hills that are more mound than mountain, neither spectacularly high nor steep, attracting discerning naturalists and ramblers rather than mountaineers.

Who first discovered the wildlife of the Welsh Marches?
Where did they go, and why were they interested?
This fresh and fascinating blend of social and natural history tells of the lives and discoveries of bygone naturalists whose names adorn the pages of our ageing annals of natural history. (Short biographies taken from the Notable Naturalists chapter of the book are available to read here.)

Contemporary naturalists will find interest in comparing their predecessors’ discoveries of long ago with what has come to light recently, and feel encouraged to search for what still remains undiscovered as they potter through shady woods, by streams, and over quiet hills.

With 368 pages, illustrated with nearly 400 enthralling photographs, armchair and serious naturalists will all want this well-researched and beautifully designed book.

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For further information contact the author Mark Lawley.

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For information on how to purchase the book, contact the author Mark Lawley.

Are you researching your ancestors and family history?

The document here contains biographical and genealogical details about naturalists who have contributed to our knowledge and understanding of the flora and fauna of the Welsh Marches.

About the author

Mark Lawley lives in Ludlow and has been exploring the wildlife of the Marches for many years. With degrees from Cambridge, Durham and Reading, he has published extensively on both natural history and the history of natural history, and co-edited the British Bryological Society’s Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland: a Field Guide.


Published - June 2015
Author - Mark Lawley
Design - Ian Atherton (www.corbiculadesign.co.uk)
Publisher - Marches Publications, Ludlow
ISBN - 978-0-9561328-2-6
Extent - 368 pages
Photographs and Illustrations - around 400 colour photographs by renowned wildlife photographers
Size - 280 x 280 mm